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29 year old #CharlesSmith was killed by police in #Savannah, GA yesterday while handcuffed. Savannah is mobilizing.
Savannah residents seeking answers in the death of #CharlesSmith. Autopsy scheduled for today. This is one version of the event circulating on Twitter.

The first thing they put out about him after he was killed was he was a rapper who “glamorized violence” and all they could emphasize was his “troubled past.” They put up a picture of him that made him seem hard, but never bothered to put up a sweet one up like this. Meanwhile, some white guy down the street from me in the same city beats his wife to death and he was just “mentally unstable.” He is still alive. 
The night Charles was killed, I had to call pop a lock and a drunk man came out of nowhere and made the pop a lock guy freak out, so he called the cops. About 2 cop cars came just to subdue the man (who was Mexican and wasn’t really causing any trouble. I tried to speak to him in Spanish so he could understand better and I kept calmly telling him to please go home. I felt so bad when they put him in the car. The cops just laughed it off.) The cops questioned me about what happened and were talking about how dangerous Savannah was that night and that they had to kill someone. All they did was laugh.
Savannah is known for this. Police brutality is rampant here. Troy Davis walked these same streets that led him to his fate. All they do is laugh.

Idk much about this but I will say this is the article I found: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ga-shots-kills-man-handcuffs-found-armed-gbi-article-1.1945108


Infinite multiverses and I’m stuck in the one where superheroes are fictional and people kill other people for having different colored skin

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If you follow me and you constantly wanna shit on my life and tell me about myself pleaseeeeeeee doooooo
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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is such trash and I’m here for every second of it

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Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson



I am Toni Childs

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he actually responded to me through my tumblr

lol and hashtag.. but that was probably by accident which makes everything funnier.